söndag 3 april 2016

Things Tuva says...

Created for the March Designer's challenge at Cocoa Daisy -  this is a layout about things Tuva says. 
I used the March kit from Cocoa Daisy for my layout. If you want to play along you have until April 5th and you can use any supplies you like - it doesn't have to be a CD kit. 

The journaling is one of Tuva's long monologues. Or, it’s kind of a dialogue, but I mostly say things like “wow”, “yes”, “ok”, “oh no” etc… and she talks and talks and talks… :) 
It’s not really possible to translate, but I gave it a try. Perhaps it’s only funny to me.
“If you die you don’t start living again. Unless it’s a game/play. Sometimes when we are playing and someone dies, and then live again, we pretend that you turn into a lion or a tiger or another dangerous animal. I don’t like that because I can only say “wooooaaaa” and no other animal. I can’t sound like a bear, only a tiger or a lion.
The only thing I know about rabbits is that they leap and that they eat carrots.
The tiger family – I think the tiger family eat humans. Do they?
Do tiger families even exist? “

lördag 2 april 2016

Fluttering by to say hi...

I've almost forgotten how to post to this blog. ;) But today it is happening - yay! 

I think many of us have periods where we are crazy about a certain technique or supply or style etc...? The past few weeks I've been making nothing but cards. And being me, that's pretty strange. :) I went to a crop about a month ago and I was sooo inspired by the fabulous card makers there, and I guess that's why I've rediscovered the card making and also my Copics. It's been a looong time since I used them! 

I also stumbled upon a challenge over at Tiddly Inks and wanted to give it a try. The colours made me think of some of the papers that I still have from my early days as a scrapbooker. Good thing I saved them for more than 10 years since I suddenly needed them today, right? =) 

Colouring is difficult, but relaxing. I totally understand why adult colouring books are such a big hit. The cute digital stamp I used can be found at Tiddly Inks and is called "Fluttering by to say hi". 

Perhaps I'll surprise myself by posting some of the other cards too... to this poor blog of mine...? :)