fredag 13 januari 2012


Did things go the way I was hoping...? Has she been sleeping, like most babies would have done...?


I had 15 minutes this morning... and then about 10 minutes later on. *sigh*

Oh well, we've been for a walk and we managed to catch a glimpse of the sun before it started snowing... and we've been having fun practicing sitting up.=) It's so wonderful to see how happy she is when suddenly seeing the world from a whole new perspective.

Even if I didn't get to complete something today, I found some "stuff" to show you... :)

I created this a while ago and the wish at that point wasn't about babies and sleep, but about something completely different... but I guess it's still suitable today. :) Lots of very messy paint...

Lovely Derwent Inktense pencils... love them!

In progress... started this a long while ago and added some more colour today... That's how it goes... a small step forward every now and then...

3 kommentarer:

lisa sa...

Enjoy the weekend xx

Siobhan Brignull sa...

ooops is he a she!!!!, sorry it was the camouflage trousers that threw me..x

HelenaK sa...

Det börjar klia i mina fingrar att också plocka fram mina inktense pennor. :)

Jag skulle vilja gå en kurs och jag vet att du har gått några. Har du några tips? Vilka kurser har du tagit?