tisdag 22 november 2011

Tattered Angels Design Team 2012....!!!!!

I am soooo happy to be able to share that I'm going to be a part of the Tattered Angels 2012 Design Team!!!! I'm so excited and it feels truly amazing to get the opportunity to be a part of such a talented and fabulous team!

Golden Ambassadors:
Nathalie Kalbach – Germany (Design Team Coordinator)
Vicki Chrisman – USA
Alissa Fast – USA
Anna Björklund – Sweden
Anna Dabrowska – Poland
Birgit Koopsen – The Netherlands
Evgenia Petzer – South Africa
Holly Simoni – USA
Jana Korečič – Slovenia
Kaori Fujimoto – Japan
Karine Cazenave-Tapie – France
Lene Neby - Norway
Louise Nelson – Australia
Martha Richardson – USA
Zoe Nemburt - Canada

15 kommentarer:

Helena Virpi sa...

Grattis! You well deserve it. I'm so happy for you!

Mija ♥ sa...

Wow!! STORT grattis Anna!!

Birgit Koopsen sa...

Congratulations! Welcome to the team! Looking forward to work with you and get to know you!

Ellison sa...

Åh så skoj!! Stort stort grattis :) Kram

Sockergrynet sa...

Åh vad roligt!!! Stort GRATTIS!!

Stina / Sagolikt Pyssel sa...

Åh, GRATTIS!!! Hur kul som helst!! :-D

Teeshoom sa...

Love your blog!

Myran sa...

Åh, så roligt! Stort grattis!

NickyNoo sa...

I'm so, so happy for you, Anna! Fantastic news, and I can't wait to see your design work!

Miae sa...

congrats! that's awesome news!

Louise sa...

Waaaa Hoooo Congratulations :) :) :)

pysselpetra sa...

grattis så fantastiskt kul

Monnah sa...

Heja Anna!

Kaori Fujimoto sa...

Congrats!!Your creation is stunning!!!I'm so excited to work with you! Can't wait!;-)

Tinto sa...

Grattis! :D