onsdag 30 november 2011

I heart drawing

I'm taking the I heart drawing class with the fabulous Jane Davenport. I just couldn't resist it even though I pretended for quite some time that I wasn't going to sign up. The reason was simple - I really don't have enough time... but I wasn't able to fool myself. ;)  Jane is so awesome and of course I knew it would be a blast....!

I'm not going to show you everything I'm drawing... but for example I've created this mood board... just playing and having fun! The drawing was made by tracing an image from a magazine.

This wasn't a part of the class, but I'm still practicing some of the principles that we are learning. I made this last night, sitting on the floor and trying to entertain Tuva at the same time. I know being able to focus a bit more than that would be good... but a little time to draw is better than no drawing at all... :)

I didn't know that the colored pencils would work this fine on top of the acrylic paint (Jenni Bowlin dabber) but they did! :)

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