tisdag 5 mars 2013

Stomach bugs and happy news....!

This blog has been quiet because this house has been busy surviving an attack from the evil stomach bugs! Phew... I think we made it, but it was a close call... ;) I haven't been working for 7 days (+3 days of vacation before that) because I've been taking care of sick kids and then I got sick myself. It feels like we've been living in an alternative universe and I really hope we'll be able to return to the real world very soon!

To talk about something a lot more fun...! I am so happy to be joining the design team over at Pyssloteket! Yaaay!

They have an inspirational blog - with so much fabulousness - and here is their news blog with news from the store and lots of useful tips and tricks.

Here's a layout I made about Tuva and her favourite song, using supplies from the store.