söndag 5 februari 2012

Hellooo... drawings and ramblings...

I'm still here! :) This week has been a bit crazy. Yesterday I spent my day at Scrapgalen's Crop and I had a wonderful time. It was the first time I spent that many hours away from Tuva and I believe it was really good for everyone to see that things worked out just fine. :) She did great with her Dad and it was really good for me to get out a bit on my own. She is 8,5 months old but I somehow think she's still newborn...  I'll probably believe she's a little baby until she's 35 or something like that... ;)

I didn't get much scrapping done though... and the hours just flew by until it was time to go home again. :)

Today's Sunday and Alva was dancing this morning. I took my journals and some Prismacolors with me again. I felt totally awkward getting my pencils out (again), but I decided to try to ignore those feelings and just go ahead.

This last one I started drawing another Sunday while Alva was dancing, and then I've added colour later on. I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable with adding colour and trying things, and the fear of ruining what I've done so far is slooowly getting less dominant. :) Here I used graphite and prismacolors, tombows and acrylic paint.

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Siobhan Brignull sa...

the bottom one is striking, I tryly love it : )