fredag 17 februari 2012

The blurry ones...

Sometimes I forget about the blurry ones... When you have 78 photos of a baby girl on a bed to look through and edit in a limited amount of time, it's so easy to forget about the blurry ones... But ooo, I'm happy I found this one! (And I'm realizing it doesn't even look very blurry at this size... ;)

She is 9 months today! She's got two teeth. She is rolling around on the floor. She makes a lot of funny sounds. She smiles a lot. We love her so much!

4 kommentarer:

lisa sa...

Anna, how did she get so big????
She's so scrummy x

Sanna F sa...

Så härligt foto!!!
Endel suddiga foton är helt magiska!
Vad stor hon har blivit!!! Sötloppa!

Sockergrynet sa...

Sötloppan,tänk att hon redan är 9 månader, inte klokt vad det går fort?!! Ja även suddiga foton berätta en historia!! :)

Monnah sa...

... och hur söt som helst!