fredag 8 juli 2011


I was so surprised the other day when the door bell rang while we were having breakfast. It was the delivery of The Big Book of Scrapbook Pages and of my published layout! So fun!

It feels so good seeing my page in there.. :)

I haven't submitted anything in quite some time now... but this made me wanna give it a go again... :)

5 kommentarer:

NickyNoo sa...

I saw before that you had a layout in there, how cool that you have a copy in your hands now! Think I'm going to have to buy a copy, I have famous friends in it, you know ;o) xx

carina sa...

STORT grattis till publiceringen!! layouten är ursnygg!
det är klart du måste komma igång med att skicka in layouter igen, det är ju så kul:) kram

MissMian sa...

Fint! hur får man tag på den boken?

pysselpetra sa...

Vad kul - stort grattis!

Zima sa...

Va coolt! Grattis!