onsdag 30 oktober 2013


The Cocoa Daisy November kit is called Stargazing and it is available on November 1st... (a very special day, since it's also the first day of our Fall Crop!)

Here are a couple of examples of what I've created so far using the kit + add ons.

I love these photos of Tuva and Alva... same age, same dress, same garden... different girls... :) I totally adore the paper air plane stamp set and here I used one of the stamps for some sublte stamping on the background.

I surprised myself recently, by suddenly feeling the urge to try "PL-style-scrapping"! I haven't really been interested, despite all the buzz that's been doing on, but it suddenly changed! I don't know how long it will last, but so far I'm having really fun! :) I love to capture more of the little things in our everyday lives. I probably won't do this for every week... but I'm mostly thinking that I'll play with it and see what happens. :)

Here are a couple of pages that I created using the Day in the Life November kit + the main kit and other add ons.


For my next layout Alva and Linus got to write a little something about what they like best about going to school. :) The photo is from their first day of school this August.

Here's a photo of the main kit... more exclusives than ever before! Do you see the fabulous custom stencil...?

The Day in The Life kit for November... my first Day in The Life kit and now I can't believe I resisted them for so long... :)
The Orion add on

The Milky Way add on

The Andromeda add on... including one fab sheet of shimmery vellum and one gorgeous transparency with stars.

Stamps...!!! The "let's go"-set is a new favourite... especially the outlined one.

And this is not it... There are also two different Christmas themed add ons! One Day In The Life kit...

...and one Document December kit... both looking sooo good!


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