fredag 22 februari 2013

A new painting...

I painted some more... this is a smaller version, very similar but still so different. :) I found it really interesting that the look upon his face is so different from the first one, even though they have so few attributes. I didn't try to make them look exactly the same, but I didn't try to give them different looks either. It just happened. :) This second painting is much smaller, approx. 24x32 cm, which is about 9.4 x 12.6 inches, and I did crop some of it out here too.

He looks a bit like a baby bear, doesn't he? The wider eyes makes him look a bit anxious or scared while my first bear had a totally different expression. :)  I need to find a way to take a proper photo of the big painting too.


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Laila sa...

Jag är jätte dålig på att kommentera just nu på bloggar...
Men jag vill bara tala om att jag är här inne och snokar runt och håller koll på dig och dina härliga alster. ;-)
Dessutom är jag kär i din söta nalle!