söndag 24 februari 2013

A bit obsessed...?

We've had a few calm days, mostly staying at home, since Tuva and Linus have both been sick. Tuva still isn't 100% well and I'll have to stay at home with her tomorrow, but the other two are ready to be back to school after a week off. It's been so sunny and beautiful this weekend and I really enjoyed getting out for a walk with Tuva in the stroller earlier today... soaking in the sun, longing for spring... :)

I've also painted another little bear. I guess you could say I'm a bit obsessed. I experimented with some pouring medium, acrylic ink and black drawing ink around the edges. Not sure what to think of the result, but at least I've been having fun. :) I love to discover the patterns that happens by accident, like the dots going down between the eyes! This is the same size at the last one - 24x32 cm, which is about 9.4 x 12.6 inches.

3 kommentarer:

Maya sa...

Synes de er utrolig søte disse fargerike bamsebildene dine! De må jo passe utrolig godt på et barnerom så lekne og fargerike de er ;)

Lisa sa...

So much fun. Another fab bear.

elvan sa...

I love your bears very much!!

Greetings from Germany,

Elvan :-)