måndag 17 september 2012


I've been painting for the first time in such a long time...! I don't know what I'm doing, but I'm totally loving the process. :) It's so relaxing and I don't care if it sounds silly - painting really makes me happy.

I have so many canvases and paintings lying around - piles and piles of them - that I have started but never finished. This past weekend I took two of them and just played, instead of starting another one from scratch.

I love the layers and the texture on the background of this one... I will try to take a proper photo of the whole canvas later on.

This second one has transformed almost completely several times. I don't know if these are finished. I never seem to finish my paintings, but just go on and on... =) And yes, I am totally aware of the uneven eyes etc... I just decided that I don't care this time.

4 kommentarer:

Ziro sa...

Vilka underbara tavlor du har målat! Visst är det härligt när målandet är så befriande och roligt att resultatet inte är det viktigaste. Fast som sagt är ditt resultat enastående.

LillBlomman sa...

Vad kul att få se lite målat igen Anna! Du vet att jag beundrar dig massor:) Kram!

lisa sa...

Glad you managed to find some time.
Beautiful xx

Tigerblomma sa...

Fantastiskt fina! Gillar dem massor!