söndag 30 september 2012

Aspen Grove...

The Cocoa Daisy October kit Aspen Grove goes on sale on October 1st. The Design Team Gallery is full of fabulous inspiration - go check it out! :)

The amazing Halloween Project kit Bag of bones is also going up for sale - you can find it here!

This first layout is about Tuva's first word. Perhaps it wasn't really a word, but more of a sound... because she started to copying the cats, saying meow every time she saw them. So very cute.

I used the Switchback add on and the Embellishment pack together with the main kit and the Hidden Lakes patterned paper add on.

My second layout is about hos Linus and Alva made up this game where they were always guessing which one of the two elevators would arrive first, when visiting me at the hospital when I was expecing Tuva. :)

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Emma sa...

Super härliga lo´s! :D

Magenta sa...

Snygga LO:s!