onsdag 25 juli 2012

So very busy...

...with family stuff... summer stuff... :) We've had friends visiting and we've been visiting friends. So many lovely moments!

Today we actually had some real summer weather - for the first time this strange and rainy summer - and we spent some time by the lake. The water is still quite cold and Tuva was happy to stay out of the water and watch her brother and sister swim. I tried to dip her feet but she was very clear that she didn't approve... :)

 Yesterday we took the train to Stockholm, to visit the Technical Museum where we had lots of fun.

Every now and then I try to sneak some scrapping in too. :) Right now I'm working on my August Cocoa Daisy layouts. The Santa Fe Sunset kit is gorgeous and I hope to get some sneaks up on the blog tomorrow!

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Paula F.P. Simionato sa...

She is so cute..and the picture is stunning