torsdag 1 mars 2012

A little stamp carving...

I finally got my hands on some "Speedy Carve", the material Julie recommends in her class Stamp Carving 101. It's sooo much easier to use than the "Soft Cut" I tried first and I'm looking forward to carving lots of stamps now. :)

I've watched all the videos in Julie's class and she's a great teacher. If you're interested in learning how to carve your own stamps - don't hesitate! :) I made a few stamps using the Soft Cut, but since I wasn't able to transfer images onto the Soft Cut-surface, it is to "slippery" and nothing sticks, I couldn't do all the assignments but patiently waited for some pink Speedy Carve to arrive. And now it's here and this is so much fun! :)

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Miae sa...

Beautiful stamp! I was so tempted to take her class..have seen some oh so cool stamps! Have fun!