torsdag 15 mars 2012

Cocoa Daisy March layouts

I've just spent some time cleaning my keyboard, after a little accident involving acrylic paint... :P I think I've decided to move the paints a little further away from the computer... hehe... I was lucky this time, but it wouldn't be such a fab thing if I spilled the water container out the next time. Luckily, the keyboard is working just fine now!

Here are some of the layouts I made with the Cocoa Daisy March kit.

I love the bullseye stamp so much! And I love these 10 little toes so much, too... :)

Here I used the bullseye stamp together with some gesso.

2 kommentarer:

Denise sa...

your gallery this month was one of my favorites of yours. I love the top one. that stamp is perfect the way you used it.

Sanna F sa...

Underbara layouter och så fina foton!!!!!!!!!!