söndag 3 april 2016

Things Tuva says...

Created for the March Designer's challenge at Cocoa Daisy -  this is a layout about things Tuva says. 
I used the March kit from Cocoa Daisy for my layout. If you want to play along you have until April 5th and you can use any supplies you like - it doesn't have to be a CD kit. 

The journaling is one of Tuva's long monologues. Or, it’s kind of a dialogue, but I mostly say things like “wow”, “yes”, “ok”, “oh no” etc… and she talks and talks and talks… :) 
It’s not really possible to translate, but I gave it a try. Perhaps it’s only funny to me.
“If you die you don’t start living again. Unless it’s a game/play. Sometimes when we are playing and someone dies, and then live again, we pretend that you turn into a lion or a tiger or another dangerous animal. I don’t like that because I can only say “wooooaaaa” and no other animal. I can’t sound like a bear, only a tiger or a lion.
The only thing I know about rabbits is that they leap and that they eat carrots.
The tiger family – I think the tiger family eat humans. Do they?
Do tiger families even exist? “

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Monnah sa...

Vilket fantastiskt foto på lilltjejen! Hon verkar vara en rolig prick. <3