torsdag 11 juni 2015

The June kit from Cocoa Daisy... called Let's go! It's travelled-themed, but still totally useful for non-travel layout too! Non of my layouts are about travelling. :) At least not about the vacation-type of travelling.

This first one is about what an incredible year this has been! I've managed to complete a whole year of studying and I've come really far on my journey towards becoming a teacher. I tore strips of patterned paper and attached them with gel medium. I used some gesso on top of them and then added more strips, this time attaching them using the sewing machine.

And this is about my twelve years of travelling along with this not-so-little-anymore boy! Twelve years?! How did that happen? I used some gesso and mist in yellow and orange, for the background. I loved the text stamps in the main kit!

All three kids have their birthdays in April and May and Tuva came home one day and said she wanted diamonds for her birthday. Her friend had gotten diamonds and Tuva knew that her dad had bought them from the diamond store. :)

The look upon her face when she opened the pretty box her grandmother gave her, and found out that it was full of "diamonds" was just priceless. Such a happy little girl!

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Monnah sa...

Den där blicken vid diamanterna, alltså! :) Fint som vanligt.