torsdag 27 juni 2013

Tomorrow is July reveal at Cocoa Daisy!

Tomorrow is Reveal-time over at Cocoa Daisy! The July kit, Cabana is all about summer!

I had some bad luck with the mailman this month. Not sure why, because it usually only takes about a week or even less...! The late arrival of the kit means that I only have one project finished so far... but the good thing about it is that it means that I have a very good reason to go on playing with this happy, summery kit during the weekend!

My vacation starts tomorrow! I just need to survive the last day at work - I am not sure I'll have time to even breath, if I'm going to finish what needs to be finished... but hopefully it will feel oh, so good to leave when it's finally time to go home. :)

Here's a little sneak of what I've made with the kit so far!

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