måndag 20 maj 2013

Busy, busy...

This week is a very special week and May is a very special month. Three of our four kids were born in May. Actually, Linus was supposed to be born around May 15th too... but ended up being born on April 2nd instead (due to my preeclampsia)...

It's not just that we have three birthdays in May - we have three birthdays in a week!

On Friday the 17th we celebrated Tuva who is now 2 years old! She is fabulous... chatting, singing... making jokes and making us happy... :)

Yesterday was Hugo's day. 8 years with and without him. We put some ballons up at the grave, but I have to admit that I haven't really had the time to feel and think everything that I probably need to feel and think. I'm choosing to accept that things are the way they are though - busy. Hugo is always with me and I know that those feelings and thoughts will show up, eventually.
We spent most of the weekend outside, working in the garden. There are still a million dandelions in our front yard and there is still so much to do, but it felt so very good that we got as far as we did and to spend so many hours outside in the lovely weather.
Friday is Alva's birthday! She is very excited and I wonder what Tuva will think when all the presents are for Alva and not for her. She didn't really know what a birthday was before Friday, but now everyday is her birthday I believe. :)
That's what I've been up too... but I promise you that you will soon see some scrapping and art journaling in this blog too!

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