tisdag 27 november 2012

Oh what a cute boy!

I stepped in a deep puddle of water this afternoon. It's been raining all day and the temperature is just above freezing. It was so dark in the parking lot when I came from the train that I didn't see the water and suddenly I had my feet covered in the ice cold water. Ugh... I need to remember to park my car in a different spot tomorrow because the raining is supposed to continue! We are supposed to get crazy amounts of rain tomorrow and I guess this it the time to be happy we have no basement.

On to the scrappy stuff... :) I created this layout for the Cocoa Daisy blog, using the November Cocoa Daisy kit.

The title says “Oh, what a cute boy! Or?", but it’s not a layout about Tuva looking like a boy… :) It’s not really a layout about Tuva at all, but it’s more a reflection over the world we live in... :) Check out the Cocoa Daisy blog, to read the story about how I ended up creating this layout.

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